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Vince and Pat Foglia Family and Youth Center

Where It All Started

In June 2013, we celebrated the groundbreaking for the new Vince and Pat Foglia Family and Youth Center at Marillac Social Center. And by August of 2014 we opened the doors of the beautiful new facility to the community. The plan was to convert the Jackson building into a multi-purpose space complete with a full-sized gym. Our programs had grown and evolved to include a wide range of services for children and their families, and a major component of our programmatic capacity and positive impact relies on our physical presence as a refuge from violence and a provider of support and resources—this new building serves that purpose and so much more.

The former “Nifty Thrifty” building, across the street from the Center, was originally created to house our thrift store and food pantry. However, the original layout of the structure limited our ability to fully maximize the space and continue to expand our programs without renovations. Our vision of re-purposing the building began to take shape when we received financial support from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, the Daughters of Charity, and other generous friends of the Center, especially Vince and Pat Foglia, for whom the building is named.


Full Sized Gymnasium and Fitness Room: Not only does the gym provide new opportunities for children and young adults to participate in positive, healthy activities, it also serves as a resource to attract new people to the Center and our programs. The gym includes a raised stage, complete with curtains, sound system, and lighting, from which our kids and young adults can showcase their theatrical and musical talents. A large fitness room is accessible through the gym which is providing our staff and families the opportunity to get exercise, a resource that is severely lacking in Chicago’s West Side.

Food Pantry: The campus expansion has doubled the space of our food pantry, enhancing our ability to serve food to insecure families.

Classrooms: With six well-equipped rooms of varying sizes, including one large computer lab, we will be able to offer the community additional services such as employment resources, skills training and government assistance application processing, all in the same building.

Hope Junior & Project Hope: The additional renovated portions of the building are already being used to cultivate the emotional and intellectual well-being of our families and young people in Hope Junior and Project Hope and provide them with opportunities to develop specific technical skills.

The Impact

Our families now have access to a computer lab, an arts and crafts room, and a grand multi-purpose space that can be converted on an as-needed basis. The facility also has developmentally-appropriate activity areas for children and spaces for smaller groups for mental health services, mentoring, and tutoring.

We are thrilled to provide these much needed resources for the under-served children and families of the West Side. 

The Foglia Center is located at 2859 West Jackson, Chicago, IL 60612. Click here to request more information about the Foglia Center or call Robert Ellison at (773) 584-4537.

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